List of threatened Amphibians in Ghana and their IUCN Status

No. Common Name Scientific Name IUCN Conservation Status Other
1. Bobiri reed frog Hyperolius bobirensis Endangered Read more
2. Ghana river frog Phrynobatrachus ghanensis Endangered Read more
3. Ivory Coast running frog Kassina arboricola Vulnerable Read more
4. Ringed river frog Phrynobatrachus annulatus Endangered Read more
5. Shiotz's reed frog Hyperolius laurenti Vulnerable Read more
6. Stream reed frog Hyperolius viridigulosus Vulnerable Read more
7. Togo slippery frog Conraua derooi Critically Endangered Read more
8. Ukami reed frog Hyperolius torrentis Endangered Read more
9. Unknown Phrynobatrachus villiersi Vulnerable Read more