Operational Areas

THRESCOAL work closely with key stakeholders of the environment for the development of holistic interventions in the following areas;

  • Ecological and social surveys
  • Biodiversity consultancy
  • Habitat protection and restoration
  • Watershed and aquatic ecosystem management
  • Sustainable harvest of natural resources
  • Strategic planning and management of protected areas
  • Indigenous knowledge-based natural resources management
  • Community-managed ecotourism
  • Climate change combat
  • Capacity building programmes for young conservationists
  • Alternative livelihood programmes

The Activities of THRESCOAL are aimed at:

  • Producing detailed and accurate research-based information (ecological, socio-economic, etc.) for the enhancement of initiation and implementation of conservation interventions.
  • Significantly mitigating the occurrence of encroachments around important ecological resource areas through the initiation and promotion of community based natural resource management programmes.
  • Revitalizing traditional rules and indigenous knowledge for the protection of community based natural resources through their integration into modern system of resource management.
  • Improving standard of living of Protected Areas (PAs) fringe communities through alternative livelihood training programmes.
  • Producing future conservation biologists through capacity building programmes
  • Garnering local support for conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources through awareness campaigns.
  • Stimulating community conservation efforts for community-based ecotourism
  • Contributing to mitigating the effect of Climate change through carbon offsetting schemes at community level in a way that brings benefits to communities, promote local biodiversity and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.