Status and Conservation of the Critically Endangered Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes monachus) in the Kumasi Metropolis

The Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes monachus) has been classified as Critically Endangered due to the rapid population decline it is experiencing across its ranges (IUCN, 2015). Non-target poisoning, capture for traditional medicine and bushmeat, habitat loss and direct persecution are the major factors that threatens the long term survival of the species (Ogada and Buij 2011), and the case of Kumasi Metropolis in Ghana is of no exception. In Kumasi, there have been instances where people have been arrested for selling Hooded Vulture meat as chicken to unsuspecting consumers. Despite their rapid decline in Kumasi Metropolis, there has been little or no effort to conserve this species because many hold the belief that vultures are dirty and evil animals that bring misfortunes to humanity and as such their disappearance should bring joy rather than worries. The current threats coupled with superstitious belief poses great challenge to long term conservation of the species in the Kumasi Metropolis. Hence THRESCOAL has initiated long term monitoring of the species in the Metropolis. With this project, we are developing distributional map of the species in the Metropolis, assessing its immediate threats, conducting regular population status surveys while improving local understanding on its ecological importance through awareness campaigns. Additionally, we are also establishing and training local volunteer groups to help protect the species. Our doors are open for possible partnership towards conserving this species. Please you can donate to support this project.