Manu Kusi Martin

Phone (Cellular): +233 (0) 540 921 028

Martin Kusi Manu is a research assistant who specializes in spatial data Management and analysis. Martin has a rich background in Forestry, community service, Wildlife and Range Management and currently pursuing a master’s Degree in Geo-Information Science in Natural Resources Management (KNUST, Ghana/University of Twente, Netherlands). After his Diploma Education in Natural Resources Management (Forest Silviculture Option), he worked with Agroforestry Practices to Enhance Resource Poor Livelihood (APERL) where he acquired experience in community service by liaising with project coordinators and community beneficiary groups by assisting and monitoring project activities in project Communities. Martin obtained a Degree in Natural Resources Management (Wildlife and Range Management option), served as a teaching and research assistant at the Department of Wildlife and Range Management of KNUST while working with THRESCOAL. He has assisted and worked under international and students’ project including; US Embassy sponsored project ‘Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) Dung Classification’ in Bia National Park, Ghana, ‘Effect of Urbanisation on fertility of soil at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’. (A Ph.D. Research sponsored by Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen-Germany), just to mention but a few. Martin aspires to complement research in nature conservation with advancement in Geographic Information System.